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Khaolak Wanaburee Resort

26/11 Moo 7, Khuk Khak, Takuapa, Phang-nga 82190, Thailand
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Khao Lak Wanaburee Resort

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Welcome to Khao Lak Wanaburee Resort

The beach stretches for as far as the eyes can see and glitters with smooth granite boulders that massage the bottom of your feet as you stroll down aimlessly through this paradise lost. The only thing left is to find somewhere to situate yourself during your much deserved stay in Phang-Nga.

Khao Lak Wanaburee is a small peaceful village fixed in the middle of one of Thailand's most well preserved tropical rain forests and is near the Khao Lak National Park.

The Dream Resort The villa are scattered around a colorful park and lagoon that overflow to the beachfront of the Andaman Sea.

The natural breeze and whispering sounds of the creek is pure enough to put anyone in a meditative dream state as you walk on the elevated walkway made of authentic wooden railroad tracks lead into the villa resort decorated in a Oriental Simplicity Style.

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Residential Area: The accommodations are all Eastern styled abodes raised on concrete stilts and are just as heavenly as the scenery and ranges in four types of styles.

The casuarinas Suite

If you seek for the serence and privacy atmosphere. The casuarinas is what are you looking for. These cozy ambience suite are composd of 1 bedroom and 1 living room with the indoor jacuzzim pool that affording the view of andaman sea and beautiful sunset with the candle lighting .

The casuarinas is the ideal for those who wants to get the unforgettable vacation. There are 2 suite available.

1. Wooden daybed with fution
2. TV. Console & Minbar
3. Luggage Table
4. Wardrobe
5. Bed & Head Boaro.
6. Luggage Table
7. TV. Console

Room Size :
Terrace 19 sq.m.
Bedroom 24.5 sq.m.
Bathroom 12 sq.m.
Pool 9.5 sq.m.
Living room  17.5 Sq.m.
Tropical patio 19.5 sq.m.
Total Room size :  102 sq.m

Type A: The Rendezvous

These elegant "Home" suites include a bedroom with one king-size bed that is as fluffy and soft as cloud nine, which will make anyone's stay an unforgettably comfortable one. These lodges have a full beachside view, but the main feature is found in the private bathroom as it comes complete with the hot tub so you can soak in the candlelit night among the stars.

These suites are modern in design as the whole lodge is spacious room size with a wooden porch and a comfortable seat set out front perfect for that lazy mid morning coffee in front of the glistening lagoon.
The unfinished furnish gives off a minimalist appearance without losing the comfort of modern times and blends in smoothly with all the nature surrounding it. Book in advance as there are only six lodges available.

1. Teak wood Raised-Floor
2. Mattress 8" Thk
3. Coffee Table With Thai Traditional Triagle Pillow
4. TV. Console & Minbar.
5. Luggage Table.
6. Wardrobe.
Room Size :
Terrace 12 sq.m.
Bedroom  29 sq.m.
Dressing room 4.5 sq.m.
Bathroom  7 sq.m.
Total Room size : 52.4 sq.m

Type B: The Manor

The seven, two bedroom Manors are luxurious and spacious room, of which three are situated along the lagoon while the other four lie along the garden. There's a trail which can lead you through the garden for a leisurely stroll to clear the mind while the lagoon suites provide you with the meditative trance water brings.

Every Manor has a touch of originality and heart as there's a different hand painting on the wall inside illustrating an aspect of the Southern Thai lifestyle. Coupled with flowers and plants gleaming in the sunlight radiating towards the garden adjacent to the room, the Manor is humble yet elegant soothing every human sensory organ. From the fragrance of the garden to the sight of handmade art or the grandeur view of the lagoon, the Manor will make you feel like a master.

1. Bed & Head Boaro.
2. TV. Console & Minibar.
3. Luggage Table.
4. Wardrobe.
5. Outdoor Seating.
Room Size :
Terrace 9.5 sq.m.
Bathroom  12.8 sq.m.
Bedroom  28 sq.m.
Total Room size : 50.3 sq.m

Type C: The Estate

If you're coming in a large group, three two-storey villas consisting of two bedrooms on each floor are available. The two rooms on each floor are connected only by a doorway which leaves the option of privacy open to those who desire it. These villas make for ample sleeping arrangements and keep the spacious feeling in tact especially with its great panoramic view of the entire lagoon and beyond.

1. Bed & Head Boaro.
2. TV. Console & Minibar
3. Luggage Table
4. Wardrobe.
5. Outdoor Seating.
6. Dressing Table.
Room Size :
The main entrance terrace : 4.5 sq.m.
Bathroom  : 8 sq.m.
Bedroom   : 40 sq.m.
Terrace     : 9 sq.m.
Total Room size : 61.5 Sq.m.

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If a quiet day on the island or a swim in the pool isn't enough to ease your muscles, try a Traditional Thai Massage at the seaside pavilion. If you want to extend your vacation and need to inquire about further traveling plans, go to the tour desk in the lobby. Sometimes paradise can be too much for some people, so if you ever need those city essentials like air conditioning, a hair dryer, TV or satellite TV, it's all available. And for the long stay vacationers who never want to leave this paradise, a laundry service is available for your convenience.

The resort offers a variety of activities for you to do. The resort's poolside offers everything the beach does, except the sand. From ordering drinks to sip in the pool or just enjoying the view from the lounge chairs as the staff waits on you like a king, you can't lose with these options.

The Wana Dalah restaurant offers Thai cuisine with the freshest seafood, prepared by the resident chef who's only love is to perfect the art of tasty home cooking. Depending on your mood and nature's element, you can choose to dine either indoors or outdoors at the restaurant, as both options are available to you.

The wana prisine bar is stocked with every ingredient for every cocktail from Mai Tai's to Singapore Slings, so you don't have to go far for a brisk drink. The bar's atmosphere coincides with the rest of the rest of the resort with its wooden bar stools and open-air ambience.


There's a plethora of things to do outside the resort, from deep sea snorkeling, hiking, to exploring caves. Park ranger guided treks along the coast or inland can be arranged by our local tour services in the area.

About 5km past Takua Thung on the way to Phang Nga is Wat Tham Suwankhuha, there's a cave shrine filled with Buddha images and exquisite natural rock formations. Other nearby caves can also be found in the province including Tham Reusisawan and Tham Phung Chang, both 3km south of Phang Nga. For a more water based activity, boats tours can easily be found and rented for snorkeling and navigating the scenic Phang Nga Bay, the same one used for the water scenes in James Bond's The Man With the Golden Finger.

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